The Secrecy Study Report Vol. 1 is an amalgamation of conceptual art, fashion, storytelling and photography. Like our characters, shop and narratives, the theme of secrecy pervades our Art Book. This subject is accentuated with the inclusion of a poster depicting our fictional TS-05 device – a machine that listens to and exposes the secrets of those who use it.

These artistic ingredients come together in a premium quality art publication. Our book is one of a kind. Only 200 are available, each authenticated with an edition number stamp (1/200 to 200/200). Each page is expertly crafted – from material to subject matter. Inspirational stories, eccentric characters, and artwork from acclaimed artists fill the 148-page folio.  Each edition is packaged in a hand-printed envelope and wrapped in acid-protective plastic. Commonly used to store and ship fine art and documents, this material ensures longer preservation of your art book.

Featuring works by internationally renown visual artists.

Comes numbered with a PDT authenticity stamp and a hand screen printed envelope.

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  • Americana

    Secret Stories - Oct 3rd, 2021

    The Jeffersons is a family band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, consisting of Terry and his three daughters, Dixie, Molly, and Clarabelle. Terry is tone deaf and the daughters’ only musical education stems from calling customer service numbers and listening to music on hold.

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  • Vote for Lord

    Secret Stories - Oct 3rd, 2021

    Richard Lord is the ex-mayor of Blue Ridge, Georgia. He served the city for 10 years in which he cut crime by half, built public housing for seniors, and revamped education. A few months before the election, a video leaked of the mayor partying, smoking weed, and gambling.

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  • Greetings From America

    Secret Story - Jul 20th, 2021

    Amos Kinbote is an Al-Dounian émigré, presently working full-time at the American Dream, a fast food chain with locations all across the States. He’s so good at it that he was awarded employee of the month twice in a row, a first in his Queens franchise...

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  • Oxycontin Blues

    Secret Story - Jul 20th, 2021

    Cassandra was born in Nebraska and raised by a single father who said her existence was written in the stars so there was no use reaching for them. He taught her everything there was to know about life: shut up, you’re just like your mother, you’ll never leave this town...

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  • Conspiracy of Silence

    Secret Story - Jul 20th, 2021

    Connie Lauren is the alleged head of a small organized crime syndicate in Dayton, Ohio, and currently awaiting trial for drug trafficking. According to the charges against her, she ran the operations from the fast food joint Jenny’s...

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  • Americana Collection

    Featured Collection - Jul 20th

  • OK

    Discover this 11 colors screenprint by Montréal-Based artist, Dominique Desbiens. Available in a limited edition of 7 prints.


  • Intimacy and Autonomous Representation Through Portraiture

    Art & Culture - Sept 17th 2021 by Emily Zhang

    In 2016, an Amsterdam based advertising agency, along with assistance from Microsoft, created a piece they dubbed, “The Next Rembrandt.” Met with both amazement and volatile derision, the piece definitely does not have a shortage of discourse. It also, in this context, introduces a method for us to examine the perhaps overlooked inherent intimacy of not just portraiture, but the methodology of the self portrait.

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  • The Art of Illusion: Cinematic Photography

    Art & Culture - Sept 17th 2021 by Eloise Rattle

    Since the late 20th century, photographers have been unearthing what lies between fiction and reality. Unlike its siblings, painting and film, photography has the unique ability to depict both people and places as they are in real life. Artists such as Gregory CrewdsonAlex PragerCindy Sherman and Jeff Wall are famed for using this to their advantage.

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  • Why You Should Switch To Sustainable Fashion

    Beauty & Fashion - Sept 17th, 2021 by Malin Jones

    Sustainable fashion has come a long way over the years. You can forget the image of a newspaper dress or something you’d spot in a Rupaul’s Drag Race design task. Now its materials made from pineapples, bags made from cactuses, or even simpler, a t-shirt made from sustainable cotton. 

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