• BUSTED, 2018 - Please Don't Tell
  • BUSTED, 2018 - Please Don't Tell

Jean Malek

BUSTED, 2018

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Busted, 2018

Digital pigment print on 100% cotton fine art paper, semi gloss finish

66 x 40 in
167.64 x 101.6 cm

Edition of 5

28 x 17 in
71.12 x 43.18 cm

Open Edition

Busted is a photographic piece from the Conspiracy of Silence story by the artist Jean Malek. 

Conspiracy of Silence is an exploration of the transactional nature of relationships, and of the spaces in which they occur. The works call to mind a landscape of strip clubs, seedy motels, restaurant kitchens, and parking lots – sites where the body is often reduced to a commodity of exchange and exploitation are pervasive. However, Malek eschews such a reductive reading, blurring the line between victim and perpetrator, and illuminating the multiple roles we can play simultaneously.

Check the full Conspiracy of Silence story to learn more.

Frame not included
Certificate of authenticity provided

Limited Edition

Edition of 5 numbered from 1/5 to 5/5 + 1 AP

Signed and numbered on the back. Archival pigment print on pure cotton fine art paper. Once those 5 prints have sold, that limited edition will no longer be available to purchase. The rarity of a limited edition print raises its value and, therefore, its price.

Open Edition

Not signed or numbered. Printed using archival paper and inks.

(B. 1983) Jean Malek is an award-winning director and photographer. His work is influenced by box office and indie movies, fashion and fine art photography, often blurring the boundaries between fields and genres. Rooted in storytelling, Malek’s approach is driven by irreverence, subversiveness, and eclectic cultural references. His evocative images often push the limits of good taste to create arresting images that comment on social, political, and economic issues. Malek often pulls from the world of cinema, imagining compelling characters that hint at a larger narrative in a single shot. His work is always quintessentially contemporary and larger-than-life.

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